Carpet Spaces – update

Carpet spaces have worked.  The children are so much happier now they know exactly where to sit in a lesson.  There are no arguments and every child has their own personal space. Children who would wind each other up now have distance.  After a singing game or instrumental activity they now know exactly where to go back to sitting within 10 seconds rather than 2 minutes.  I can see exactly what every child is doing, what they can do and what they are struggling with.  The children know you can’t avert the gaze of the teacher and any misbehaviour is caught  and dealt with immediately.  They can all see the white-board and I know who is concentrating and who is in la-la land.

I’m happy with circle spots too if you are unhappy with the notion of three rows of children all looking forward.  But will I ever go back to no set space?  Never again.

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