Composer Rhythms

composers together

So after the Superhero and Transformer rhythms it’s time for something a little more high-brow, so we now have Composer rhythms. This is a good opportunity to use the word “composer” and understand what it means and give a little introduction to some of these famous personalities. It is also beneficial for children to think that music is not just something that happens now but has happened for many, many years. Most the children I’m teaching don’t even know what a CD is, as everything is on iPads, Spotify and YouTube so it’s an opportune moment to explain how people heard music in the past.  I tell them about CD’s, tapes, vinyl records, reel-to-reel tape, gramophones and what people had to do before recording was invented. After my little introduction we play the rhythms. I do make a little joke about my “Chopin Liszt” of groceries I need to write down before I go home.


For this activity, I have Haydn and Mendelssohn on the woodblocks, Beethoven and Mozart on the lollipop drums, Chopin and Liszt on drums and cymbals and Bach and Tchaikovsky on the triangles and tambourines. I have always wanted to write that sentence – it will probably be considered heresy by most classical musicians but there we go! We perform the same carousel just like the other rhythms.

Here are the rhythms as pdf’s if you want to download them:

Bach Tchaikovsky

Beethoven Mozart

Chopin Liszt

Haydn Mendelssohn