Instrument of the Week 3 – Trumpet

I haven’t updated Instrument of the Week for a while so there will be a few updates.  In Week 3 we did the trumpet.  I showed them this:

It’s quite a good video as young children love to see other children playing music as they really think if they can do it so can they. I introduced the word “brass” so the children could identify the instrument family.  The children knew the song and started singing it half way through which was great – after I talked a little bit about the trumpet we sang “Old MacDonald”.  We talked about valves and “buzzing” to make a sound – a good excuse to make some funny noises!  I also used the word “accompaniment” and asked the children if they could identify the instrument that the teacher was playing with the child. We had some good guesses with “guitar” and “piano” but in the end I had to tell them it was a harp and show them a picture from a Google image search.

Just to clarify – Instrument of the Week is a pre-lesson starter so the children can walk in to music.  It is time that the teacher can talk to a class teacher if there is something about the class that they need to know.  If there is a child who is distressed or needs to be talked to then it gives time for the teacher to deal with it, in the knowledge that the other children are doing something constructive.  If the lesson is one where one lesson backs on into another then it gives the teacher some time to put the room straight or their thoughts straight before embarking on a new class.  The music is not more than a few minutes long and it is a good routine so the children can find their carpet spots and transition their minds into music-lesson mode.  And finally it helps with my objective that by the end of Year 2 all pupils will know 40 instruments off by heart from sight and sound.