Mexican Madness

This is another post with a workbook on our unit on Mexican Music.

This was a Year 5 unit but you only need to learn two chords – C and F and so I have moved it into Year 4 as an introduction to ukulele.  There are a few objectives in this unit but the main two are to learn two chords on a ukulele and to play the Mexican Hat Dance  on the keyboards.  This means you can model the Hat Dance task – set half the children on the keyboards to work independently while you get the other half of the class in a circle to learn to play C and F on the ukulele and then “La Cucaracha”, which uses these two chords.

We listen to Mexican Music, respond and reflect and sing a few songs in Spanish – we have a few students who speak Spanish and their eyes light up when they see the Spanish words.  I always ask them for some translation and they are so excited to be able to not only translate but to lead the class.  We also make up our own Mexican Hat Dances in pairs with sombreros as props and this is always fun and a bit chaotic!

Year 4 Mexican Madness Workbook