My Room

My room is a work in progress.  I hate cluttered rooms and busy walls so in my first year, last year I tried to declutter.  I got rid of three cupboards and binned a whole load of broken instruments and fixed quite a few xylophones and other simple percussion instruments.  I ripped all the backing paper off the walls and found a whole load of damp areas that have now been fixed. 

Now I have more of a blank canvas, this year my aims for the room are as follows:

1) Train the children to take off their shoes before entering the room so that when we get a new carpet it will last.

2) Make the wall displays attractive but not too busy.

3) Digitize as many paper, audio and video resources as possible and catalogue them.  Put all paper resources away in cupboards out of sight.

4) Improve the instrument stock and repair as many instruments as possible.  Bin anything that is broken or unusable.

Hopefully, these four simple, practical steps will make it easier and calmer to enjoy music making in my room.