New School

I have accepted a position at a new international school working with slightly older children.  Before, this blog was mainly about Key Stage 1.  I am teaching Key Stage 2 now with a little Key Stage 1 with a much more instrumental emphasis.  The school does a variety of different Wider Opportunity programs and the Year 6 begin the Musical Futures scheme.  I will not be teaching Year 6 but I hope to observe how Musical Futures works by watching my colleagues teach.

In posts to come I will be looking at whole class recorders, whole class violins, whole class ukuleles, whole class trumpets, whole class clarinets, whole class djembe percussion, whole class keyboards and whole class guitars.  I am also hoping to bring in a two-part choir and possibly a chamber choir for Year 5.  I will also be working on recorder ensembles and string groups.

I also hope to review a selection of musicals for school children and look at what is appropriate now and how it has changed through time. I am also going to post on how to improve children’s aural work and how to bring in basic theory and notation for children in Key Stage 2.

Happy New School Year!


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