Halloween Orff

I’ve written a little Orff composition that could be useful in schools over Halloween.  You can find the music here on MuseScore or on this page. It’s for drums playing the words “Zombies”, bass metallophones playing “Pumpkins”, alto metallophones playing “Trick or treat”, soprano metallophones playing a … Continue reading Halloween Orff

African Drumming

In our last workbook for this half term, we have a variety of learning experiences for our Year 5 children.  The main aim to to play a variety of different African rhythms (like the “Fanga”), create our own and perform different one bar ostinati repeatedly … Continue reading African Drumming

Chordal Chaos

I have made a series of workbooks for our curriculum and will be sharing them online for anyone who is interested. We start Year 6 with “Chordal Chaos” which is basically a ukulele and keyboard unit where children learn to play four chords – C, … Continue reading Chordal Chaos