To leave the classroom I often have a password.  This technique is sometimes called an “Exit Ticket”.  I set up a stand with a glockenspiel or a lollypop drum and then before the children can leave they have to play me a short rhythm or melody.  For example, my Year 1’s were learning “I hear thunder” on the glocks.  Before they left I asked them to play one of the four phrases.  For the most advanced I asked them to play “pitter patter raindrops”.  For the ones who are behind I will get them to play ” Hark don’t you?”.  If the children can’t play the melody or rhythm correctly they go to the back to have another go.  This way you can see who can do it and who needs support.  The children watch each other and so can learn what to do if they are unsure.  The most important thing is everyone must participate.  Or you can’t get out of the room.  That means there is no option to slack off.  The biggest problem is what the kids do in the line while they are waiting to exit and what happens to those who have exited.  Still not sure about that one at the moment…

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