Rhythms with a Rondo

This is a continuation of our Year 2 work on rhythm.  So far we have done Superhero rhythms, Transformer rhythms and Composer rhythms.  The children are much better at the activities now they have settled into their groups; they know the carousel procedure, where they start and where they end.  As I put the rhythms on stands in the four corners of the rooms, they do not need me to say their rhythm, they read it on the stand and start playing together even before we start the activity.  Now they are used to playing in turn I am going to add a new element – a rhythm we all play together which recurs after every section.  In musical terms what I am introducing is rondo form or ABACADA form, where section A (the rondo) keeps returning.  We all play the rondo together.  Here it is:


We say it together as “fly, fly, spider, fly, caterpillar, spider, fly, hey!”  On the rest everyone stops except someone who plays the cymbal and we all shout “hey”.  The children like this bit a lot!

The rhythms are all repeated four times and after the fourth time we all come back with the rondo.  Here are the other rhythms:

rhythms with rondo

This activity works well, it is an extension of the other rhythm activities as it adds the element of structure as well as some semiquavers.  It is also a good opportunity to teach children how to use the guiros properly and to tell them the proper name rather than “scraper”.

Here are all the rhythms as a pdf.  Feel free to download and print.

Rhythms with repeated figure


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