Rocking Rhythms

This is continuing my series of booklets in our curriculum.  In Year 3 we have just finished a unit on melody and harmony so it makes sense that the next unit will focus on rhythm.  This unit has two aims – to enable students to understand standard rhythmic notation and to understand graphic notation.  The only resources you need apart from the booklet are 8 tambourines, 8 drums, 8 woodblocks and 8 triangles so you have enough for one instrument per child in your class.  It is also helpful to have one music stand between three children but it is not essential.

The idea is that you work in four teams and then move around in a carousel so everyone gets to play all the instruments and all the rhythms.  It helps if you accompany from the piano or a drum kit to keep the children in time.  I have blogged on this before but the workbook now has all the resources you need.  There are superhero rhythms, transformer rhythms, rondo rhythms, composer rhythms, tasty rhythms and instrument rhythms.  Also I have put in the popular graphic scores into this unit.  The graphic scores were so popular that one unscrupulous teacher has taken them and put them up on the TES website and is charging for them!  It was very strange one day searching for “graphic score” on Google and seeing my resources appear on an image search.

Anyway, here is the booklet:

Year 3 Rocking Rhythms Workbook