Royal Wedding at the bottom of the Cupboard

I have managed to chuck needless paper and useless resources today.  This reminded me of one of the worst schools I have ever taught in.  This school had no instruments, no schemes of work and had been led by the same person for 30 years.  How on earth the school kept her on defies belief.  Anyway, I was teaching there for about 8 months and I got told off for trying to sort through a cupboard searching vainly for some instruments.  I just simply did not believe there were no instruments in the music department.  But it was true, there were no instruments, just cupboards full of rubbish that noone had bothered to sort through.  In amongst the crisp packets and coke cans I found a book about Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue for their “wedding” from Neighbours and also I found a wedding book about Prince Charles and Lady Diana from the early 80’s.  This was in 2007. 

I left soon after but the last time I looked she was still at the school and had been promoted four times.  Every job she did was a disaster.  Why do some schools keep promoting people who do such bad jobs?  I just don’t get it.