Safety of Teachers

Why are teachers worried about going back to work?  Look at the diagram above.  There are two kids to a desk all facing the front.  The teacher is on the desk in the middle facing a barrage of potential coughs and sneezes each containing potentially millions of viral particles that could kill their elderly parents.  “This is normal!” cry the masses.  “No it’s not” reason the teachers “This one has no vaccine”.  Many teachers will teach up to 150 children a day – they have a massive chance of catching a virus.

The train driver has a carriage for himself.  The bin collector is outside with a colleague or two.  The businessman has a boardroom of about a dozen.  Even the hospital worker will not have 150 patients a day breathing into their face.  Who else has a more risky job?

I have read some appalling articles of people saying that teachers aren’t brave enough or are worried about nothing.  There is no other profession that I can think of which is more risky than being a teacher.  Please support them.