Summer School

We are buying a car.

Cars are expensive.

We need more cash.

I signed up for summer school.

Three weeks long, straight after the end of term.

It’s absolutely wonderful. Here’s why:

1) I can teach what I like. I’m doing an Orff program. Kids are loving it.

2) I have access to all the music departments resources. No borrowing instruments from another colleagues room.

3) I get a Teaching Assistant. First time in nineteen years of teaching.

4) No queues in the canteen.

5) Small classes of under twenty children.

6) No crazy requirements for data that no one will ever look at.

7) I can get jobs done that can’t get done when everyone is in school.

8) No cover or duties (I’m teaching five classes a day, which is one class more than the other teachers so in return I don’t have to do any duties).

9) No emails or email chains to deal with.

10) No suit and tie!

Why can’t normal school be like Summer School?