Yummy Rhythms


This is a continuation of the Year 2 unit on rhythms.

“Composer Rhythms” was a bigger hit than I could have imagined.  I only wanted to give a very brief overview of the eight composers, just to get across the idea that a composer is someone who writes music.  However, the children were absolutely fascinated by them and had so many questions.  Here are a few: “Was Beethoven born deaf or did he become deaf?”, “Did Liszt get married?”, “Did Bach die before Mozart?”.  I took the opportunity to play them a humorous version of Beethoven’s Fifth which they loved:

Anyway, we managed to perform the Composer Rhythms and they were so much more settled at getting into their groups now we have a routine.  To get their attention after they move from group to group I have been playing some rhythms which they copy on their instruments.  It’s a much better way of getting eventual silence rather than shouting out “STOP!’.  I have got a little bell on my table and I am going to try that to signal that we are ready to start the next set of rhythms.

The next stage in our rhythm learning is to increase their length, so the children are reading more notation and thinking harder about the note values.  So far, apart from the rondo, everything has been a one bar phrase.  This time we are performing two bars of 4/4. Here they are:

Tasty rhythms

I have called them in turn; Vegetable Rhythms, Fruity Rhythms, Meaty Rhythms and Sweet Rhythms.  We will talk a little about food and healthy choices and a balanced diet as a cross-curricular link.  I thought hard about the triplet on the “strawberry’ and I thought why not – let’s teach them this new rhythm. Here is the carousel diagram:

tasty rhythm diagram

Like last week I am going to use maracas, tambourines, woodblocks and lollipop drums.

Here are the files that anyone is very welcome to download and print:

Fruity Rhythms

Meaty Rhythms

Sweet Rhythms

Vegetable Rhythms