Three Arrangements


At our school we have a partnership with Juilliard and we follow a curriculum which has a focus on keyboard skills and twelve core works.

I have made three arrangements of these works for tuned percussion ensemble.  The first “Battling Instruments” is a conversation between the soprano and alto xylophones and metallophones with a pulsating bass part.  It is based on a theme from Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”.  This is a good springboard for developing material and changing structure.  You can play it straight or you can develop it.  The changes between four and three in a bar worked very well when we did this with Year 6.

The second is the famous first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.  This arrangement has started off very well and we have completed the first three pages with Year 6.  The end of it is a real challenge and we will be doing some more tomorrow in our lesson.  But if you just want to get as far as bar 27. that is a pretty good achievement too.

The third is “Eine Madchen oder Weibchen” from the “Magic Flute” by Mozart.  This will be our last arrangement of the year so if you want to be the first to perform it, feel free!

All the scores are on MuseScore – if you aren’t using this and you are a music teacher I would highly recommend it.  Sibelius is probably a better notation package, but the community support of MuseScore and the access to so many really well made scores has been a revelation for our department.