Three Singing Pigs


This is a continuation of my series of useful books for Primary schools.

Three Singing Pigs is a great book of stories by Kaye Umansky that are designed to be performed with instruments and singing.  They are aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils but some can be used in Key Stage 2.  I have used some of the stories as a one off lesson and used some as a performance piece for a whole term.

The best stories for music in my opinion are “The Awongalema Tree”, “Tiddalik”, “The Hairy Scary Castle”, “Treasure Island” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”. I have done all of these successfully with both Y1 and Y2.

This is a great book for those departments that sadly have few instruments but a random collection of odds and ends that make sound.  But it is also great if you have a wide selection of instruments – these stories work with whatever you have.

There is enough material for at least half the year and anyone teaching Key Stage 1 music ought to have them by their desk.  There are some others in the series “Three Tapping Teddies”, “Three Singing Pigs”, “Three Rapping Rats” and “Three Rocking Crocs” but this is probably the best of them.