Who Will Buy?

I have scored out “Who will buy?” – just the street seller bit.  I didn’t use the score, this is just from listening to the recording.  I wonder if it is almost correct?  If anyone has the real score can you have a look and tell me in the comments?

I am going to use it with Year 5.  After watching the video from the film version of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! we will follow the musical score just to get used to where the entries come in.  We might try some of our own calls as well.

On a personal point, my mother’s adoptive father was a barrow-boy in Plaistow Market in East London where I grew up. He used to make and sell bags. The market is still going strong, in fact, not too long ago one of the fish-sellers ended up making a recording of his song about selling a one pound fish!

Feel free to print and download.