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African Drumming

In our last workbook for this half term, we have a variety of learning experiences for our Year 5 children.  The main aim to to play a variety of different African rhythms (like the “Fanga”), create our own and perform different one bar ostinati repeatedly … Continue reading African Drumming

Chordal Chaos

I have made a series of workbooks for our curriculum and will be sharing them online for anyone who is interested. We start Year 6 with “Chordal Chaos” which is basically a ukulele and keyboard unit where children learn to play four chords – C, … Continue reading Chordal Chaos


I wrote a song about Harvest.  If you celebrate thanksgiving, you can just change the word “harvest” for “thanksgiving”.  Feel free to download the audio and score. Harvest_Time_is_Here-Piano Harvest_Time_is_Here-Score_and_Parts Harvest_Time_is_Here-Voice Here is the MuseScore file: