Donkey Riding

I’m probably not the only person who thought the song “Donkey Riding” was about the sort of animals that young children ride by the seaside. It’s actually a Sea Shanty about riding one of these machines in the picture – a steam donkey. Currently this lesson is in my “Animal Music” Year 3 unit but I will move it to my Year 4 “Sea Shanties” unit not only because of the subject matter but also as it is a fraction too difficult for the Year 3’s.

The problem isn’t the music, it’s actually the partner pat, clap and patch movements. The kids in Year 3 are finding this very hard and I think that Covid has had its effect here – social distancing has meant that kids are not used to touching one another so they simply have no idea how to do clapping games with one another. I am pretty sure two years ago I could have done this sort of activity with Year 2’s but now it’s going to have to be moved to Year 4 because kids are really struggling to do simple patterns.

The kids love the movements and the song and it works very well as a simple keyboard or recorder piece. I’ve arranged it for all our musical groups but you are welcome to download it and arrange it yourself from the score here:

Happy Donkey Riding!